The Point of Measurement

In analytical measurement loops consisting of a sensor, fitting, and process analyzer (transmitter), the application is crucial to the choice of individual components. The measurement problem can rarely be reduced to the transmitter alone, but usually comes down to understanding the complete interplay between the individual elements of the point of measurement.

Some years ago, to complement its sixty years and more of expert knowledge of pH electrodes, the company acquired the Hagen-based specialists Regnault, known for their ultrapure water applications with steel fittings and conductivity sensors.

Over the last few years, Knick has also acquired particular application experience with the Ceramat® ceramic sensor lock-gates and the Unical® 9000 electro-pneumatic controller.

In its usual way, Knick began by addressing the most complicated applications with the greatest challenges, starting where existing fittings fail. This cost a lot of time and entailed a high level of investment – for example, a top-quality mechanical production process had to be set up first. By confronting the problems directly where they arise, Knick has been able to gain significant additional knowledge from the close interaction of customer know-how and the experience and expertise of its own employees.