• Precision Devices for the Rail Industry
    Reliable high-voltage and current measurement, high-precision energy metering, safe signal isolation

Precision Devices for the Rail Industry

For over 40 years, Knick has been a partner of the German and international railroad industry. VariTrans P 40000 high voltage transducers improve traction power supply availability and security. 

Used worldwide for many years, these high-precision devices have become an integral part of substations.

The new ProLine P 50000 und P 16000 product series are based on this experience. They are especially designed for use on rolling stock – for voltage and current measurement, signal isolation and signal conversion.


Precision and reliability – Made in Germany
Signal conditioners and transmitters from Knick deliver the signals required for down-stream processes – interference-free and with high precision at all times.

The precise, robust devices from Knick meet the railway industry’s special standards-related and functional requirements.

And to us, precision also means that each individual product property is perfectly tuned to the measurement task. After all, this is the prerequisite for the overall system being able to reliably carry out its function.

Whether it’s infrastructure or rolling stock – we are the high voltage experts. And we know all about current, energy and speed.

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