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Space Requirements

When selecting a device, the housing width is an important criterion since the available space is often limited. With the 6-mm class introduced by Knick, the minimum housing width has been achieved. Knick initiated this technological change in 2001 by introducing the VariTrans B 10000 standard-signal isolators.

In the meantime, Knick has complemented the product line of the 6-mm class with devices providing protective separation, signal doublers or standard-signal isolators with high output load, passive standard-signal isolators, repeater power supplies with signal conversion as well as universal transmitters and temperature transmitters.

Particular attention has been paid to energy efficiency. Power loss and the resulting self-heating have been reduced significantly, resulting in very high reliability and long service life.

The 6-mm class provides true 3-port isolation between input, output and power supply to prevent parasitic voltages. Protective separation according to EN 61140 for working voltages up to 300 V AC/DC guarantees best possible protection of personnel and equipment. The test voltage is up to 2.5 kV AC. The 6-mm products are UL and CSA approved for application in North America.

The Knick isolators in wider modular housings meet higher demands, for example concerning isolation or mechanical properties.

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