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  Pre-Calibrated Sensors

By using pre-calibrated sensors, Memosens ensures maximum availability and lower maintenance requirements at the point of measurement.

MemoSuite is used for precise sensor calibration and documentation under reproducible conditions in the lab.
Even for non-specialist employees, sensors can be replaced on site in just a matter of seconds.

The considerably less time and work required for maintaining the digital Memosens sensors on site also
reduces process downtimes. Together with the other benefits, such as the longer sensor lives, this results in a
quick amortization of the investment.

  • Plug & Measure – sensor replacement in seconds
  • Maximum availability
  • Longer sensor service life
    due to predictive servicing
  • Interoperability


Time is money
Comparison of maintenance work when changing sensors.
Maintenance work
when using
Memosens sensors


Maintenance work
when using
conventional sensors


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