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Introducing Portavo from Knick, the world’s first portable devices for pH, conductivity and oxygen with digital Memosens technology for reliable on-site measurements and sensor calibration.

The Portavo series encompasses multiparameter versions as well as designs with comprehensive data loggers and transreflective color displays.

A USB port enables connection to a PC and can also be used to charge the Li-ion battery.

Another key innovation: As the world’s only portable devices
with Memosens technology for liquid analysis, the Portavo 904 X series features ATEX approval for Zones 0 and 1.

  • The first portable Memosens devices
  • Multi-functional housing for process and laboratory
  • Integrated sensor quiver, protects the sensor from drying out
  • Easy sensor calibration, also on site
  • Multi-parameter versions for pH, conductivity and oxygen
  • Just one cable for all sensors
  • Hazardous area versions available 


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