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The ideal solution for measuring pH/ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

The concept of using digital Memosens sensors is globally unique.

The benchmark for digital sensors. The Memosens inductive sensor connector system transfers both energy and data without contact between electrochemical sensors and analyzers. The integrated intelligence allows saving and evaluating sensor-related data directly in the pH/ORP, conductivity or oxygen sensor.

Reliable and safe. With its perfect galvanic isolation the Memosens prevents interferences, allowing straightforward and safe measurements even with most difficult potentials. The sensors can be easily handled under adverse conditions – you can even connect them under water.


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Optimal solution for every industry sector. Its outstanding features place the Memosens technology in an excellent position to face the individual challenges of analytical measuring tasks in a wide range of industries such as chemistry, petrochemistry, energy production, pharmaceutical and food industry and water/wastewater treatment. Memosens is suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas.

Benefits at a glance. Its outstanding features make the Memosens technology the ideal solution for individual challenges of analytical measuring tasks in all industry sectors.

Safety across the board. Integrated smart sensor technology – from the sensor to the analyzer: Measuring systems with Memosens technology from Knick guarantee reliability and safety at the highest level.


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