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Stratos Pro

Pioneering process analytics for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen: 2-wire and 4-wire devices with unique color-guided user prompting on backlit widescreen display.

Thanks to innovative enclosure technology, the process control devices in the Stratos® series are ideally suited for use even under harsh conditions. They allow connection of all common analog sensors as well as digital ISM sensors and contactless digital sensors such as Memosens®.

Intuitive Color System and Clear Display

The Stratos® series are currently the only process analyzers in their price and performance class to feature a widescreen LC display, whose high-contrast image with memorable and self-explanatory pictograms guide the user through the applications. To increase legibility, the text is not presented in jumping lines but as a scrolling ticker line. With the corresponding display backlighting, the user intuitively knows which operating mode the device is currently in.

Setting the Standard

In normal measuring mode, the display is backlit white, displays in information mode appear in green, and the diagnostic menu is turquoise. HOLD mode, when the device is calibrating, for example, is signaled by an orange display. The display of this state is particularly important when the device is connected to a process control system and may not supply any invalid output values. Diagnostic messages such as required maintenance or sensor wear are shown in magenta. The operator is made aware of an alarm message by a bright red; if the display is flashing red, this indicates invalid input.

Safety in Operation

In the Stratos® Pro series, Knick has fully subjected design to the needs of safety. As investigations in real-world environments have shown that operator errors on analyzing devices lead to long downtimes, the developers set themselves the target of designing a device which can be operated intuitively and safely.
This was achieved with color-coded operator guidance which signals the current operation status to the user with various color backlighting states on the display.

Shatter-Proof and Corrosion-Resistant Enclosure

The extremely robust and corrosion-resistant plastic enclosure of the Stratos® Pro series is protected to IP67 and can be used even in harsh environments and in the process industry. The scratch-proof and UV-resistant display window is made of hardened, 3-mm thick safety glass and is connected directly to the plastic enclosure during the molding process. The specially sealed elastomeric control keys are hardly protruding from the smooth front, making it insensitive to mechanical damage. All the device’s electronics are completely encapsulated in the door module: there are no exposed PCBs.

Sophisticated Design

The large rear unit can be preinstalled separately and contains no electronics. It is fully available as a terminal compartment. A door contact switch records unauthorized opening of the enclosure and in such cases triggers an entry in the logbook – a function absolutely necessary for audit trails as per 21 CFR Part 11 in pharmaceutical processes. The extremely low self-heating of the Stratos® Pro not least ensures an extremely long service life.

International Approvals

The intrinsically safe models are designed for operation in hazardous locations of Zone 1/Class 1 Division 1 (with sensor in Zone 0). Operation in hazardous locations from –20 °C to +65 °C is possible. The devices are designed for gas and dust explosion protection (G/D) and can naturally also be used outdoors (type 4 enclosure, UV resistant).

For Analog and Digital Sensors

The innovative wiring technology of the Stratos® Pro enables operation of all standard sensors. The device supports both conventional analog sensors as well as digital or contactless digital sensors of the new MEMOSENS® standard.

Superior Functions

From the wireless service interface to the complete HART communication system, the Stratos® Pro series offers a wide range of reliable functions for 4- and 2-wire devices. The devices can be used in multidrop mode and are certified for the handheld and asset management systems of the leading manufacturers. Unrivaled wiring technology ensures low self-heating and an extremely long service life.

Stratos® Pro 4-Wire Devices
Fit For Global Use Thanks to VariPower® Broad-Range Power Supply

The 4-wire models from Stratos® Pro are equipped with the VariPower® broad-range power supply unit. This allows using the same device model with power supplies from 20 to 253 V AC/DC. Reliable operation is thereby guaranteed worldwide, even with fluctuating qualities of power supplies.

– 2 x RS 485 for 2-channel operation with contactless sensors
– 2-channel operation with Memosens® sensors
– 4 relay contacts for alarm, limit values, maintenance request
– PID controller
– 2 parameter sets

Stratos® Pro 2-Wire Devices
The New Benchmark With Unique Range of Functions

A number of outstanding technological properties make the Stratos® Pro series the new benchmark for 2-wire analyzers. Colored screen backlighting has been implemented for the first time in this device class, with the lowest possible electrical power. In contrast to all 2-wire devices previously available on the world market, two digital inputs are available as well as an analog input plus a second output for another measured value.

– Full functionality with 2-wire supply
– RS 485 for operating contactless sensors
– Hazardous-area application from –20 °C to +65 °C
– 2 current outputs
– 2 digital inputs
– 1 analog input

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