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Overview of the Sensor Range


– for every application
– virtually maintenance-free with polymeric electrolyte
– highly accurate with pressurizable liquid electrolyte
– glass electrode or ISFET
– sterilizable, autoclavable, CIP compliant
– integrated temperature detector
– operation in sensor lock-gates


– precise and reliable
– from ultrapure water to highly concentrated process media
– 2-/4-electrode sensors and electrodeless sensors
– cost-efficient for water / wastewater applications
– maximum chemical resistance for polluted and highly corrosive
– version for pharma applications in hygienic design
– application-specific process adaptation
– PortaSim sensor simulators


– robust and hygienic
– high accuracy and signal stability
– trace resolution 1 ppb
– low-maintenance; easily replaceable membrane modules
– sterilizable, autoclavable, CIP compliant
– simple and fast calibration in air

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