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Industrial Transmitters

Together with sensors and fittings from Knick, the following process analyzers and analysis systems form optimal measuring stations for all applications and needs.


Stratos Eco, Stratos MS Series
– for simple industrial applications and system integrators

– universal power supplies
– for all common measurement parameters
– analog sensors (Stratos MS), digital sensors (Stratos Eco)


Stratos Pro, Stratos Evo Series
– for challenging industrial applications

– also for hazardous locations
– complete family: 2-wire, 4-wire, 2-channel measurement,
   Fieldbus devices, digital or analog sensors


Protos 3400 Modular Process Analysis System
– flexible measuring system for individual requirements,

   multichannel measurement
– asset management functionality with unbeatable variety
– modular hardware and software concept permits retrofitting
   at any time

Fieldbus Connection

With the Protos 3400 process analysis system, Unical 9000 and Uniclean 900 allow the systems to be integrated directly with PROFIBUS PA and Fieldbus Foundation. Together with the new ProgaLog 3000 parameter setting and documentation tool, the system can be easily configured and documented offline on the PC.

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