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Industrial Sensors

Sensors as the direct interface to the process must be perfectly matched to the chemistry of the measured medium and to the prevailing pressure and temperature conditions. These essential requirements for error-free, low-maintenance, and reliable recording of process parameters are perfectly met by the new, upgraded range of Knick sensors. This serves a wide range of different applications:

pH sensors with application-specific properties
pH sensors from Knick are fitted with integrated temperature detectors. Modern contactless sensors are connected using the Memosens standard, analog sensors use the multi-pin Variopin (VP) cap connector. Most of the pH sensors offered by Knick are available not only in the standard length of 120 mm but also in
225 mm length for use in the Unical 9000 and Uniclean 900 automatic cleaning and calibration systems. Retractable fittings with ideal functionality for this purpose are Ceramat and SensoGate.

Conductivity sensors for the complete measuring range

The conductivity of aqueous media covers a range of more than eight decades, starting with ultrapure water with 0.055 μS/cm and going as far as fully dissociated acids or bases with more than 1,000 mS/cm. The applications for conductivity measurement vary accordingly: from checking the purity of feed water in power plants to measuring highly concentrated electrolyte solutions and concentrated sulfuric acid. Ideally, these very different requirements can only be fulfilled by different sensors, which are adapted to the application-specific conditions by means of special properties. Knick offers the whole range of sensor technologies for this: sensors that measure with two or four electrodes, or electrodeless on the inductive principle. All sensors are equipped with a temperature probe for automatic temperature compensation of the conductivity level.

Oxygen sensors with low maintenance effort

Sensors from Knick for measuring dissolved oxygen are characterized by a high level of process safety. The robust design using durable materials and the modular structure of the sensors lead to a high level of reliability and low maintenance. As a module, the steel-mesh-reinforced, PTFE-coated membrane can be replaced quickly and easily, as can the electrode system with its complete inner body. The sensors offer a high resolution of 6 ppb. With a version for trace measurement, a value of 0.1 ppb can be achieved, while its insensitivity to high CO2 partial pressures also makes it outstandingly suited to the beverage industry.

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