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Knick – The Art of Measuring

Reliable electronic measurement and control devices are of great importance for the industry. The precision of the measurements can mean the difference in the market success of a product. In an industrial context in particular, only quality pays dividends in the long run. Signal conditioners, sensors, fittings and process analysis systems from Knick have been thought out in every detail from which our customers and their customers benefit.

When it comes down to it, Knick is the first choice

Be it in the chemical industry, biotechnology, plant engineering, automation technology or energy generation, high-quality signal conditioners and analyzers are used in nearly all industries today. Our experts therefore focus their efforts on the development and production of innovative high-end products. In this way, Knick has become an important supplier in several markets including electrical isolation, process analytics and loop-powered digital indicators.

Knick is synonymous with signal conditioners

Few manufacturers are successful in becoming synonymous with a specific technology. In industry circles, signal conditioners have simply been known by name of Knick since the early 1970s. To this day, all Knick products have the acknowledged characteristics of legend in many industry sectors: premium quality in every detail plus maximum reliability and durability. Choose a product from Knick and you can be sure of one thing today: You won’t find anything better.

Quality is our claim, perfection our goal

Knick focuses on those areas of measuring and control technology in which the company has acquired an excellent reputation throughout the world. Analog interface measuring instruments are an important product focus. Knick was the world's first company to offer standard signal isolators with a broad-range power supply in a super-slim 6 mm housing. pH, oxygen, conductivity measurement are other core topics. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and explosion protection are also of particular importance to us.

International offices: Close to our customers

In Germany, our Berlin headquarters supports domestic projects and customers. Knick has its own offices in international markets such as Switzerland, France, USA, Brazil and of course China. We enjoy close contact with our customers at our international offices and ensure that every customer project has the support it needs from us. We have sales partners in 39 other countries. This dense international network makes Knick perfectly positioned for future developments – worldwide.

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